Tait – what’s in a name?

Tait is one of the most successful painted wolves ever known, and one of the stars of the Dynasties Painted Wolf episode from BBC Earth and narrated by Sir David Attenborough.

Nick Murray, the owner of Bushlife Safaris, was the head guide for the episode and he has known Tait her whole life. As described by Nick Lyon, the episode producer, “Our guide, Nick Murray, has known Tait her whole life. She’s incredibly trusting of him. The fact that it was Nick who introduced us to Tait transferred her trust for Nick to us”. This becomes even more special when you find out that Tait the painted wolf, is actually named after Tait – Nick’s daughter! The Painted Wolf dynasty is definitely intertwined with the Murray family dynasty.

Nick and Des named their daughter, Tait, because they wanted a short name and something memorable. Tait is from Scottish and northern English heritage, and is a nickname for a cheerful person, from an Old Norse word meaning ‘cheerful’, ‘gay’.

There is one more honourable mention for one more special Tait – the series producer, Nick Lyon’s cat of course!


Tait Murray Painted Wolf Bushlife Safaris Mana Pools

Tait Murray

Tait Painted Wolf Bushlife Safaris Mana Pools

Tait the painted wolf. Photo: BBC NHU

Nick Lyon, the producer, on his Instagram discussing the naming of animals.

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