Take your Senses on a Walking Safari

If you are looking for a “sense-sational” trip then a walking safari with Bushlife Safaris is what you are looking for! Mana Pools is a UNESCO World Heritage site and a world-renowned wildlife destination. Our award-winning guiding team is headed up by Nick Murray – the lead guide on the BBC Earth Dynasties Painted Wolf episode as well as his wife, Desirée Murray, who is one of the most experienced female guides in Zimbabwe. Be prepared to invigorate your senses on a safari adventure where you see, taste, smell and feel the spirit of Africa…all on foot!

A walking safari demands you throw out all the clutter of urban life and tune into the bush, to its sounds and smells, the textures, temperature and colours: it is how animals survive, much like our ancestors did before we invented air conditioning and cars!

It’s the slow and natural pace of a walk that connects you to the ground; it’s the sounds of the bush as you pause and listen; it’s the ability to stop at a moment’s notice and look at a footprint and decide what animal left it there and where it was heading. In essence, it’s the truest and authentic way of moving, and appreciating animals. If you think about it: how long have our species been walking in nature? It’s our default mode of transport, we are perfectly evolved for it. It also enables a photographer the opportunity for some incredible close encounters with rare animals that haven’t been scattered by the sound of vehicles.


Mana Pools is a stunning photographic destination with opportunities are all around, from macros to panos – you will be spoilt for choice.  A walking safari in Mana Pools will give you a unique perspective to view the wildlife, and of course, take you closer to them than you thought was possible. When you aren’t capturing the famous blue forest light through your lens, you can sit back and watch the sky burn as the sun sets.

Bushlife Safaris Photographic Safari - Sight2
Bushlife Safaris Sensesational Safari - Sight1


While on a walking safari, your nose will also be your guide! Wild dogs have a strong odour about them, and you will know when you are close to them. Buffalo have an incredible sense of smell which is why wind direction is important when approaching a herd on foot.

Bushlife Safaris Wilddog -Smell2
Bushlife Safaris Sensesational Safari - Smell2


Visit us at Vundu Camp and your morning alarm will be replaced with the calling of lions and hyenas.  Lion calls can be heard from as far as 8km!  Enjoy your morning coffee while listening to the hippos grunting their morning greetings to one another.

Bushlife Safaris Lion Safari - Sound3
Bushlife Safaris Sensesational Safari - Sound1


Mana Pools’ safari months consist of only 2 seasons –  summer and winter. Lower temperatures are expected from May to August while from September to November you can expect temperatures high into 40°C. Blankets are provided on the game drives for chilly winter mornings, and fans are in the rooms to keep you cool during the warm nights of summer

There is nothing quite like the feeling of adrenaline and excitement that you get whilst canoeing down the Mighty Zambezi River – take a look at our Ruwesi Canoe Trail for those wanting a thrilling trip.

Bushlife Safaris Zimbabwe Safari - Feel2
Bushlife Safaris Zimbabwe Safari - Feel


Be prepared to not only experience a wildlife safari but an eating safari too!  Our big 5 consists of breakfast, tea time treats, lunch, bar snacks and a delicious 3-course dinner.   There are always cold beers or classic gin and tonics to help wash it all down.

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Bushlife Safaris Sensesational Safari - Taste2

The Place for an Interactive, all Sensory Totally Immersive Safari!

“This was our fifth trip to Southern Africa and by far the best. What Nick and his staff at Vundu Camp are able to provide is simply so much above what you get with a “typical” vehicle-based safari that there is simply no comparison. At Vundu Camp the truck is just a way to get to your starting point. It’s when the engine shuts off that the adventure begins. From tracking lions (and finding them) on foot, walking with a pack of wild dogs, getting close enough to elephants to count their eyelashes or dodging hippos while canoeing the Zambezi; a trip to Vundu Camp is a fully interactive few days of sensory overload in the bush. We were extremely fortunate to have the owner and lead guide Nick as our private guide. He has a reputation for getting “extremely close” and did not disappoint as we were able to walk with elephants, lions, hyenas and wild dogs; all at very close range. This is not your “typical” safari where you are driven from sighting to sighting. At Vundu camp you are as much participant as an observer and that brings everything to another level”

TripAdvisor Review, June 2019.

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