Nelis Wolmarans

Photography tips from Nelis:

“One of the biggest attractions to Mana Pools for me as a wildlife photographer is the freedom that I experience being able to photograph on foot. Over many decades, people have walked the floodplains of this wonderland and as a result of this, you are surrounded by an abundance of wild animals who could not care less. This, in turn, allows us as wildlife photographers to get that desired low angle on our wild subjects and at the same time enjoy completely natural behaviour from these animals. On a recent 10-day safari to Mana Pools, my clients and myself were treated to a number of incredible sightings, which included leopard, lion, elephant and some up-close hippo photography.”

Facebook: Nelis Wolmarans Photography

Website: www.neliswolmarans.com

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Nelis Wolmarans Photography Mana Pools
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