BBC News Interview: Nick Murray’s Mission to Stop Poaching

Nick was interviewed by BBC News for this video and article.

“Nick studied Zoology at university in South Africa and has guided in many African countries. He has spent the past 23 years canoeing the Zambezi River and working in all the wildlife areas of Zimbabwe.

“I got interested in wildlife at a very young age. I remember being in Swansea with my grandfather, who played rugby for Wales – a gentleman called Dai Thomas – and he gave me a BBC wildlife magazine from 1971. That was my earliest stimulation into my passion for wildlife.

“An elephant is such an intelligent animal so it’s about spending time with them because they can smell you and recognise your voice, but they also know who you are by a vibe from your body and you can just sense each other’s mood. Some will seek out human company.

“It’s a unique experience and Mana is one of the few places you can get out and walk with these amazing creatures.”

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