Federico Veronesi

Photography tips from Federico:

“Mana Pools is a fantastic destination for keen wildlife photographers for many reasons. The landscape on the floodplains along the Lower Zambesi river is spectacular, with the beautiful Faidherbia albida tree trunks forming magnificent frames for wildlife feeding on the fallen pods. The light coming through the foliage and the bluish background tint convey the feeling of an enchanted woodland. Finding a subject in the right place at the right moment can provide extraordinary and iconic images.

Another feature which can appeal greatly to wildlife photographers is the possibility to be on foot among the animals. Photographing without the limitation of being confined in a vehicle has the advantage of giving the photographer the ability to choose the angle and the height of shooting much more freely. Lying on the ground photographing a pack of Wild Dogs at a high level is an experience that few if any, other places in Africa can offer. The extraordinary wildlife that can be seen in Mana Pools is another great attraction. Majestic bull Elephants standing on their hind legs to reach the highest branches, packs of Wild Dogs chasing Impalas on the plains, Lions feeding on their prey, magnificent Kudus and a wide variety of birdlife at the pools are some of the key attractions. In Chitake springs, photographers can photograph herds of Buffalos and Elephants coming to drink, with the possibility to see hunting Lions, all while on foot, without any barrier from raw nature. Overall, these features contribute to making Mana Pools an amazing wildlife photography destination, and more importantly, absolutely unique.”

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Lions Mana Pools National Park - Federico Veronesi
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