Client Footage – Mana Pools with Bushlife Safaris

“Our 2019 trip to Mana Pools in Zimbabwe at Vundu Camp with Bushlife Safaris. Nick and his guiding team specialize in up close, intimate encounters with some of Africa’s most iconic wildlife. This is not a safari for riding around in a truck having wildlife spotted for you. This is a highly interactive, full-spectrum sensory overload safari. From tracking lions and wild dogs on foot to quite literally walking with elephants as they forage among the enormous flood plain acacia trees to dodging hippos while canoeing on the Zambezi this is a safari like none other. For someone who has checked off the Big 5 from a safari truck and wants something more personal, demanding and exciting; it’s hard to get more exciting than standing just a few feet from a bull elephant or falling a pride of lions on foot. If this is for you, check out Bushlife Safaris in Mana Pools, Zimbabwe. This was our fifth trip to Southern Africa and the four nights we spent with Nick and his team was quite simply the most amazing experience we have had to date”. Joe James

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