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BBC Earth Dynasties Painted Wolf Episode

Dynasties, from BBC Earth, is said to showcase “the most intimate and intense stories of their kind ever told”.

Narrated by Sir David Attenborough, and produced by BBC Earth, Dynasties can be classed as one of the finest ever nature documentaries ever filmed. The Painted Wolf episode was filmed in Mana Pools, and Nick Murray was the lead professional guide for the production. Nick was chosen due to his very long history of tracking the painted wolves in Mana Pools. The Murray family were honoured to also host Sir David at Vundu Camp for 10 days whilst he filmed the narration. 

Dynasties hero

Dynasties Images: Copyright Nick Lyon, BBC NHU, BBC Earth

The Painted Wolf Episode

The Painted Wolf episode centred around the leading lady of Tait – the most successful painted wolf ever, and who named after Nick Murray’s daughter! The story is about her dynasty. To date, there are thought to be 280 painted wolves from Tait’s own bloodline which is a significant contribution to the future of this endangered animal. Tait has ruled her pack uncontested for five years, where she has reared eight litters of pups. However, two of her daughters now rule packs of their own and live on either side of Tait’s territory.  One of her daughters, Blacktip, lives close by. Her own pack is growing fast and they are running out of space. She urgently needs to get more territory so that her pack can catch enough food. But she has a problem. She is hemmed in on one side by human lands. There is only one way she can go to get what she needs – her own mother’s lands. And so a family battle ensues. Press Pack and Interviews can be downloaded here.

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Working and guiding the BBC Earth crew film “Dynasties Painted Wolf” was one of the most exciting projects Nick and Desirée have ever worked on. With over 850 days of filming over 4 years, the crew became firm friends with each other – and the painted wolves! The normally reserved painted wolves started to recognise the crew and even left their puppies in the den one day for the crew to “watch over” whilst the pack went on a hunt!

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