Bushlife Safaris June 9, 2023

Our 2023 Season Has Begun!

A New Safari Season Begins…

Hoorah – our 2023 season has officially commenced! In May, we had the pleasure of hosting our first guests at the newly refurbished Little Vundu camp, kicking off the season with an incredible trip! Eddie joined our guests for sundowners on the Zambezi River which was a highlight for them.

Camp & Wildlife Highlights

We’re proud to welcome back Sophie and Anthony Phillips, our dedicated management team, for another season. Their enthusiasm and professionalism have garnered rave reviews from our guests. Additionally, we have a very strong 2023 professional guiding team which comprises of Mitch Riley, Mark Friend, Siraaj Gardner, and David Amyot – seasoned experts who can’t wait to lead unforgettable safari experiences.

We’ve been privileged to witness many multigenerational herds and playful young elephants already this year, along with our iconic friends of Impi, Eddie, Tusker and Boswell. Our Little Vundu camp continues to be a favourite visiting spot for elephants, making it a wonderfully animal-active camp.

We also had a great sighting of two new male lions, who look very similar to each other, that have taken over the Rukomechi pride in Mana Pools and kicked out Augustus, the old male. Augustus is now in the Nyamepi area, but still going strong having joined another pride.

We’re currently in the process of updating the decor and soft furnishings at both Vundu and Little Vundu camps. Here are a few sneak previews, and we’ll soon be sharing professional photographs to showcase the lovely upgrades.

Conservation & Community Highlights

Our commitment to conservation and community engagement remains unwavering. Through the Utariri project, Sophie, our community manager, is diligently educating villagers on producing chili bricks to mitigate human-wildlife conflict and safeguard their crops. We’re also actively involved in 25 rural schools near Mana Pools, imparting knowledge about biodiversity and fostering environmental stewardship. Furthermore, our Bushlife Support Unit is working closely with Zimparks Rangers, providing invaluable assistance in anti-poaching activities.

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