Bushlife Safaris December 22, 2020

Our 2020 Wrap Up

Our 2020 Wrap Up 

What a roller coaster year 2020 has proved to be! We are grateful for all the support we have received from agents and clients to help weather the storm. Despite it being a very challenging year, we are delighted to be able to host several filming crews this year as well as opening up Vundu Camp to local guests too. Our conservation work was very successful this year thanks to the generosity of our donors and the fundraising work of Bushlife Conservancy. We look forward to 2021 and hope that we will be able to welcome our international guests back very soon.

Conservation Highlights

Our funding partner, Bushlife Conservancy is a U.S. registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that was established in 2016 to provide funding for the preservation and protection of African wildlife in its native environment, in Mana Pools National Park and the Zambezi Valley of Zimbabwe. The Bushlife Support Unit Trust is the Zimbabwean non-profit that implements projects and activities – they are our “boots on the ground” conservation division.

BSU has a strong history of collaboration with Zimbabwe’s Parks & Wildlife Management Authority (ZimParks) conducting anti-poaching patrols for the protection of all wildlife, including elephants, pangolins and painted dogs; promoting the conservation of habitat and natural resources; and delivering local community support and education. Projects funded and initiated by BC/BSU are at the request of ZimParks.

 Results of our anti-poaching activities this year, through October 2020

  • There were no elephants poached in Mana Pools during the last year.
  • Three bulls, scheduled for new replacement equipment, were recollared.
  • One month of road work was completed and existing roads were reopened.
  • The remote bases of Mazunga and Kanga were upgraded with new tents and the National Park Ranger presence was maintained.
  • Five incursions into the Park by poachers were aborted due to our active presence.
  • Five elephant tusks were recovered in the Kariba area of the Zambezi Valley.
  • Rangers retrieved a 303 rifle, an Ak 47, and six live rounds of ammunition.
  • One live pangolin was captured from poachers and returned to the wild.
  • Fifty-two pangolin scales were recovered, preventing their sale on the black market in Asia.
bushlife collaring

Camp & Wildlife Highlights

We were fortunate to host several film crews in 2020, including the extraordinary filmmaker Kim Wolhunter as well as a BBC Earth film crew. We opened up Vundu Camp to local guests and they were treated to all the very best of Mana Pools.

Violet, from the Nyakasanga wild dog pack, had her second litter, sired by Sarge her brother this year. She had 7 puppies and 4 have survived to sub-adults so far. Both Boswell and Tusker chipped their tusks this season – we think it was during musth and fighting with other elephant bulls.

The rainy season has started off very well with a wet December, and plenty more rain looks on the way. Wherever you go in Mana Pools this month, there is plenty of impala fawn, promising a good year ahead. There is little doubt that the quality of game next year is bound to be good as animals take advantage of the bolstered food chain, and improved security offered by thick bush. The long term effects of this season will be felt for years to come, as young animals, and those not yet passed their prime, benefit from this time of plenty. Improved body weights, shiny, Healthy coats, size and strength will all be enhanced over the coming years…a perfect time indeed to come and visit us!

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