Bushlife Safaris June 21, 2019

Nyakasanga Pack Update

Nyakasanga Pack Update

Following the death of Blacktip earlier in the year, we have been observing the Nyakasanga pack to see what their future holds. Jiani, the alpha male, mated with his daughter Violet about 6 weeks ago and Violet is now showing early signs of pregnancy. The gestation period of a painted wolf is of 72 days, so we estimate that she is about 42 days along now. We will be watching closely to see if there are any effects of the in-breeding on this litter.

Jiani, the alpha male, is nearly 11 years and is clearly showing his age in this photo. We do not think he will last the rest of the year.

There has been a dispersion from the main Nyakasanga pack – three females, Tris, Anna and Justine have left and formed their own unit. They have been seen around the Nyamepi area so will wait to see if a male from that pack crosses over to form a new pack.

Jiani Painted Wold Mana Pools
Painted Wolves Mating
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