Bushlife Safaris April 7, 2020

Large Carnivore Study and Green Green Mana Pools

Large Carnivore Study

Our Bushlife Conservancy team have had a busy and successful month conducting the first phase assisting Zimparks with their Large Carnivore Survey in the middle Zambezi. The aims of the survey are to identify population dynamics and spatial ecology of the large carnivores in Mana Pools, thereby providing up to date information for wildlife management. The first phase was a game count. Each day our team did spoor counting in the morning and spent the evening doing callings in selected areas. The final tallies are now being collated before the next phase of the research project.

Large carnivore study
Green season gallery 13

Green Season

Mana Pools has had a decent amount of rain so far, and it is looking lush and green. There are plentiful herds of  buffalo, impala, kudu, zebra and waterbuck. Both Boswell and Tusker have been sighted and are doing well – take a look at this video to see them! Two packs of painted wolves have been seen in the area – one of them being the Nyakasanga pack, and both of Violet’s puppies have survived into healthy sub-adults. There have been notable sightings of predators including leopard and lions too.

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