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We’ve compiled a list of some of the most frequently asked questions to help when you are planning a safari. However, we are more than welcome to answer any others you might have so please just get in touch!

  • What Covid-19 protocols do you have in place?

    Our safari camps are small and exclusive and located in remote areas of Mana Pools which happily already minimises the risk factors of Covid-19. We have also implemented the following Covid-19 protocols to make your safari stay with as safe as possible, and give you peace of mind whilst you enjoy your vacation with us:

    • All staff, including professional guides, have a Covid-19 test before new guests arrive at camp.
    • Temperature checks are done daily for all staff and guests.
    • All staff wash their hands regularly and thoroughly throughout the day.
    • All kitchen, housekeeping and service staff wear gloves and masks at all time.
    • All guests rooms, camp areas and vehicles are cleaned thoroughly each day.
    • Hand sanitizers are available in guests room and around the camp.
    • Each group of guests who are travelling together will have their own private table for dining at all meals.
    • Each group of guests who are travelling together will have their own private vehicle for game drives.
    • Professional guides do not wear masks on game drives or walks as these are open-air activities with minimal risk factors.

  • Is it safe to visit Zimbabwe?

    Yes, Zimbabwe is a very safe destination for tourists to visit. Although there has been political unrest in the past, there is now a stable government and the crime rate, in general, is very low. The people of Zimbabwe are known for their incredible hospitality and will go out of their way to ensure you have a wonderful stay.

  • What currency does Zimbabwe use?

    The official currency in Zimbabwe is the Zimbabwean dollar. Tourists may bring in US dollars which can be exchanged at registered bureau de changes for the local currency. Some retail outlets have international Visa and Master Card points for purchases in stores. We recommend that international guests bring in small denominations of USD and credit cards. There are no ATM facilities in Zimbabwe.

  • How do you get to camp?

    You can access our camp either on a light aircraft, on a boat transfer or by road.

  • Do the camps have WiFi?

    Yes we do have in the main lounge at Vundu Camp, but not at Little Vundu, Ruwesi or Chitake Mobile Camp.

  • I've heard there is a food shortage?

    Our camps are fully stocked with food and beverages which we source both locally and from the region. There has been a food shortage of maize meal in the country, but this will not affect your stay at all.

  • I've heard that there was a drought?

    In nature, there are always periods of feast and famine. Over the past 20 years, there has been 5 drought years – 1992, 1995, 2005, 2011 and 2019 as they do occur periodically. The Bushlife Safaris team remember the 2005 to be the worst of recent times, and it took its toll on many species. The most recent drought in 2019 however mainly only affected buffalo and elephant, but very few other species. As of February 2020 we have had more rain than we had in 2019, and are hopeful for a good rainy season.

  • When is the best time to see painted wolves ( African wild dogs)?

    Nick Murray, the owner of Bushlife Safaris, was the lead guide on the Dynasties Painted Wolf series and solely guided Sir David Attenborough for the episode – so you’ve come to the right camp!

    Mating season is normally at the beginning of April

    Painted wolves den and have their litters doing our early season in May and June

    From July the pups start to come out of the dens – be sure to read how you can walk with the painted wolves yourself.

  • Do you have mosquito nets?

    Yes we do at all of our camps.

  • Should I take anti-malarials?

    We do recommend taking prophylactics as it is a malaria area, but please consult your physician before travelling. We recommend packing cool long sleeved shirts and trousers to wear in the evenings to protect against mosquitos and we supply bug spray in the rooms.

  • Do you cater for vegans/kosher/halaal?

    Yes, we do – please let us know prior to travel your dietary preferences so we can plan accordingly.

  • What plug points do you have?

    We have the same 3 point square plugs as Britain and the UK. It is advisable to bring a universal adaptor when you visit.

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