Our Story

Our Story

Since 1997, the husband and wife team Nick and Desirée Murray, have been guiding in Mana Pools. In 2007 they partnered with Lucy Mumbashura. Together they created what is known today as Bushlife Safaris in Mana Pools National Park, one of the leading safari companies in one of the most beautiful national parks in Africa!

Bushlife Safaris is known for their excellent guiding, world-class walking safaris and canoeing safaris that offer an experience not to be missed. Both Desirée and Nick are qualified professional guides and have nearly 60 years’ of experience in the bush between them. They have an award-winning team of professional guides who are expertly picked to provide the best experience for guests. The staff in camps are all friendly, and most of them have worked with the Murrays for over a decade and offer warm hospitality and great service.

Nick is well respected in the industry for his wealth of wildlife knowledge. He is a qualified Zimbabwean Professional Guide, one of the most prestigious game-guiding qualifications in Africa. He also has a Bachelors degree in Zoology and Wildlife Management from Pietermaritzburg University. Nick has worked throughout Southern Africa – spending a lot of time in Zimbabwe and travelling through Mozambique, Zambia, Botswana, Namibia, South Africa and Tanzania. He is currently pursuing a Masters degree of Zoology, studying the wild dogs of Mana Pools. His passion project is the Bushlife Painted Wolf Conservancy. One of his career highlight’s was introducing the iconic bull, Tusker to Sir David in Mana Pools.

Desirée was born in Zimbabwe’s Lowveld and grew up in the Eastern Highlands, Growing up on her parent’s coffee farm she learned to love the outdoors and the African bush. After high school, Desirée went on to qualifying as a canoe guide on the Zambezi river. She guided in Zambia, Kariba and Mana Pools areas and 4 years later archived her full professional guide’s license, becoming the first woman to receive the Best Guide on the Examination of the Year Award. Desirée has been guiding with many film crews that been based at Vundu Camp. One of her career highlights includes guiding camerawoman Justine Evens on the night shoot while the BBC were filming Dynasties.

Nick and Desirée are dedicated parents who enjoy sharing their knowledge and love of the bush with their children, Jed and Tait.

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