An African safari day – what to expect!

Your wakeup call will come in the form of a friendly, “knock, knock” at 5.30am. Your professional guide will check all the pathways to be sure they are clear of any wandering elephants or hippos. At 06:00 you can make your way to the Main Area where a continental breakfast is served at the fire pit. After a bite to eat and a cup of tea or coffee, you will head out for your first activity for the day.

Activities vary depending on what guests may be interested in, as well as the weather. Generally, a game drive in the morning can be mixed with a walk to find the painted wolves, or approach an iconic elephant bull, such as Tusker.

During your morning activity, you may find a peaceful spot to enjoy a cup of tea or coffee along with homemade muffins. As Bushlife Safaris is a family-owned and run safari camp, you will find the ambience to be laidback and the schedule built around our guests – we want you to have a wonderful and relaxing vacation at your own pace!

Breakfast Vundu Camp Bushlife Safaris
Breakfast Fire Pit Bushlife Safaris

At midday, you return back to camp where lunch will be served. Lunch consists of a buffet meal with a variety of salads and freshly baked bread and rolls. The all-important “Safari Siesta” happens after lunch, during the heat of the day while all the wildlife is resting and seeking shade. This time of day is not good for photography and a great time to recharge your camera batteries as well as your own with an afternoon nap.

Boswell Mana Pools
Game Viewing Mana Pools national Park

From 3 pm a delicious tea is served in the lounge, after which you will head out for your afternoon activity. Canoeing is often a popular activity for the afternoon. Guests can request a paddler if they prefer.

Whether enjoying a game drive, walking safari or exciting canoeing, when the sun starts to go down your guide will find you a prime spot to enjoy the spectacular sunset with sundowner in hand – a time honoured tradition in Africa!

Canoeing At Sunset Vundu Camp
Sundowners Bushlife Safaris

You will make your way back to camp after the sun has set. Once back in camp guests can freshen up after an eventful day, or head straight to the main area where bar snacks will be served! Stories and photographs of the day are shared between guests and guides. Dinner is served between 7:30 and 8pm.

Activities and schedules are always discussed the night before during dinner, and this is just an idea of what to expect, but we are flexible and able to work around what our guests want most out of their trip with Bushlife Safaris.

Dinner Time Bushlife Safaris
Dinner Time Bushlife Safaris
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