Tait – one of world’s most successful painted wolves

Tait is one of the most successful painted wolf ever known. There are only 6,600 painted wolves left in the world. To date, there are 280 from Tait’s own bloodline which is a significant contribution to the future of this endangered animal – an incredible 4% of all wild dogs are from Tait! Tait has ruled her pack uncontested for eight years in Mana Pools, where she has reared eight litters of pups. Two of her daughters now rule packs of their own and live on either side of Tait’s territory. All together they are a formidable dynasty.

Tait 4 weeks Mana Pools Zimbabwe
Tait at 4 weeks old. She is the pup with her head near the rear left foot of the adult. The den site was near to Vundu Camp.
Tait 2005 Mana Pools Zimbabwe

Tait at 5 months of age in Oct 2005

Tait 2006 Painted Wolves

Tait at 16 months , Sept 2006

Tait 2007 Painted Wolves
Tait at 2 years and 3 months in August 2007. She has just had her first litter of 7 pups.
Vundu Tait 3 years Mana Pools Wild Dogs
Tait in 2008, 3 years old with a pup from her second litter.
Tait 2009 Mana Pools Painted Wolves
Tait in 2009.
Tait 2012 Mana Pools Dynasties
Tait in 2012, heavily lactating.
Tait 2013 Mana Pools Zimbabwe
Tait is the dog on the right, in 2013.
Tait 2014 Mana Pools Zimbabwe
Tait in 2014 – the last year of a large litter of 8,
tait 10.5 years old Painted Wolves Mana Pools
Tait at 10,5 years old. One of the last photos of her before she disappeared into the mopane woodland for the last time
End of an era, but not her Dynasty