Mana Pools National Park

Mana Pools is a one of a kind, a piece of paradise on earth and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This special spot is often a bucket list item on the safari circuit, that then becomes a repeat adventure when guests fall in love with it. Mana Pools National Park has a distinctive landscape of floodplains, forests, islands, sandbanks, pools and pans on the south bank of the Zambezi River in northern Zimbabwe.

The name is derived from Mana, meaning “four” in Shona, a reference to the four permanent pools that form in the meandering Lower Zambezi Valley. Life here is governed by the ebb and flow of the seasons – hot wet summers, and mild dry winters. In the rainy season, the floodplain turns into a criss-cross of pools and pans, with lush expanses of mahogany, wild figs, ebonies, baobabs and acacias. During the dry season, only the mighty Zambezi and the four main pools remain and are a magnet for thirsty wildlife.

Mana Pools literally teems with wildlife – hippos wallow in the Zambezi whilst elephants, zebras and herds of buffalo and antelope can be found on the floodplains. Crocodiles, lions, hyenas and painted wolves are drawn to the rich pickings of prey. Bushlife Safaris have been lucky enough to call Mana Pools their home for the last two decades, and our team of skilled guides are ready to show you this truly extraordinary place.

Mana Pools Camp Map