Newsletter and Bushlife Conservancy

After having been working with the PDC( painted dog conservation) group for the past 3 years  , there have been a few changes in the research programme with the wild dogs .

PDC under the leadership of Peter Blinston are concentrating their efforts with the dogs in their home base for the last 25 years , that is Hwange National Park .We are still working closely with PDC and have a large group of wild dog enthusiasts visiting in June , hopefully with Peter . Greg Rasmussen who was the Head Researcher with PDC  is no longer with the organization , and Greg is continuing his research independently . I have been talking to the Warden in Mana and I shall be outlining my own research on the dogs with National Parks in the near future.

Nick Murray





The Vundu Pack had 11 pups in early June , by Nov there were still 9 surviving .




The Long Pool Pack had 7 pups in late May , unfortunetly by Nov only 2 have survived




Paul Zasky , at 75 still able to sneak up to the dogs on foot , a great experience