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Nick Lyon Newsround Interview

Newsround Interview with the producer, Nick Lyon “I have been working with a family of painted wolves in Zimbabwe for the last 4 years and I have to say it has been the best 4 years of my life. Dynasties is a series about animal families. This episode is quite unusual because we are telling the story of 2 families. The oldest member of the packs is Tait. She is the mother and the matriarch of all the animals that we filmed and one of her daughter, Black-Tip, has set up her own pack. What you’ll see is her being forced to make a move on her mother and pushes her mother out of her territory and I won’t say what happens next but it is quite dramatic.

The painted wolf is in the dog family. It is not very big – about 25kilos so if you imagine it’s something like a border collie. Normally they hunt impala which is very fast antelope but what you’ll see in the film is that they have started baboon hunting and no one has filmed this before – it’s a very new thing. Each family is led by an Alpha male and an Alpha female and they’re the only ones that breed whilst the rest of the family is there to look after those puppies. We spent so much time with them that it got to the point where Tait went out hunting and left her babies at the den and we realised that Tait had trusted us to look after her babies. They used to live all over Africa. Unfortunately, they are very endangered now so I think they have been lost in about half of the countries that they originally lived in.

One of the things I would like for people to take from this episode is that painted wolves are worth saving and they have been lost for too long so it’s time to start talking about them”.