Camp Round Up – June 2019

June has been a wonderful month at Bushlife Safaris – In addition to the incredible elephant experience had with Tusker and watching the developments with the Nyakasanga pack there has been lots of fantastic wildlife encounters.

Tusker Mana Pools National Park
Tusker Mana Pools National Park

Our camp clearly has the elephantsโ€™ stamp of approval! We are lucky enough to have near daily visitors to camp โ€“ in the video you can watch a mother and daughter enjoying an evening snack through Vundu Camp, and another elephant on the banks of the camp right outside our tents.

At Little Vundu, we have had many sightings of lions. Guests watching lions mating just by camp, and two females killing and eating an impala too. At Vundu camp, near the new Ndungu entrance two lions killed a small buffalo calf โ€“ and opportunistic hyenas were quick to come to camp too.

Lion Roaring Bushlife Safaris
Lion Mana Pools National Park

The smaller Nyakasanga pack of 11 painted wolves, had a lone lioness walk straight through their pack โ€“ no blood was shed though as they painted wolves made sure to keep her in eyesight and move on quickly.

Painted Wolves Mana Pools
Dispersal Pack Mana Pools Painted Wolves

At camp we have been dishing up daily delights, with our camp manager Natalie and head chef Lloyd hard at work to make sure guests enjoy their meals as much as their game walks!