Mana Pools, A Photographer’s Paradise

Bushlife Safaris has been privileged to have many world-renowned photographers come on walking safaris at Vundu Camp. Here, Andy Skillen shares his photographer’s perspective on his experience:

“People are forever asking me what it takes to get a “great” wildlife photo, and my answer is always the same – how do you define ‘great’? Is it the freezing of a dramatic moment, a sideways glance, an intimate, mood-catching portrait, a small subject in a huge scene, oozing context and place? Or is it any one of a thousand other variants? The ultimate answer is of course that any of these can make a great photograph…the key is in the choice of taking the right shot decision at the right time and then executing it technically. The latter, well, that’s just button-pressing and muscle memory, the real skill is in the art; of spotting the image that could be and positioning for that. Anticipation and patience therefore are the most important aspects for any wildlife photographer. The best camera in the world is nothing other than a flaccid paintbrush; it is you, the button presser, that decides the mood, the story, the punch-line or the tone.

Andy Skillen taking elephant shot

I am fortunate to work around the world in pursuit of wildlife images, and Mana Pools is right at the top of my list when it comes to locations. Why? Simply because of the opportunities it presents (well, the guides aren’t bad either of course ) and the chance to tell an entire story in one shot. This is the ultimate professional goal, and one which Mana Pools delivers on time and time again.”

Elephant Mana Pools - Andy Skillen Photography
Painted Wolves & Sunset Mana Pools - Andy Skillen Photography
Painted Wolves Feast Mana Pools - Andy Skillen Photography
Elephant Mana Pools - Andy Skillen Photography

By Andy Skiller – Wildlife Photographer

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Instagram: @andyskillenphoto

Elephant Mana Pools - Andy Skillen Photography