All About A Painted Wolf’s Markings

The painted wolf is unmistakable among the medium-sized carnivores. Characteristic features are the large rounded ears, the long legs, bushy, broadly white-tipped tails and blotched black, yellow and white shaggy coats. Throughout their distributional range, no two are exactly alike in pattern. The forehead and the area between the ears are usually whitish or yellowish, with a distinct dark stripe from between the eyes, across the top of the head. The short broad muzzle is black or dark brown, with short hair. The rounded ears are dark, often with black fringes and have conspicuous tufts of white hair. For the filming of the Dynasties Painted Wolf episode, Nick Murray and his team of guides followed 91 painted wolves – that is 182 different flank patterns to remember!

Painted Wolf Markings